“Aurelia was the angel that showed up in my life when I needed her. I was coming back from a bad injury (shattered my tailbone in a show) and was afraid to move forward. I felt disconnected from myself and my purpose – needing clarity on the next steps. She helped me rediscover my power & sense of style, and instilled in me the concept of taking bold action ONE week at a time. I am forever grateful for her encouragement and belief in me at low point in my life – which she helped transform into a turning point. Anyone would be lucky to have Aurelia in their corner.”

– Emily C. (Puma-sponsored Fitness Trainer and Instructor)

“Aurelia has helped me a lot as a coach. We’ve never worked together in person, but did so much through our regular Skype calls and were able to build a solid relationship. I’ve been wanting to do more as a new dance teacher and she encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone, push harder and pursue it! She’s resourceful, warm, and positive. She’s always ready to offer words of wisdom, not just about dance but about life in general. I’m definitely farther down my path to success because of her.”

– Michelle (Dance Instructor/Stay at home mom)

“I would not be a dancer or a freelance artist without Aurelia. PERIOD. Its very rare to get a performance coach, personal trainer, style consultant, and spiritual guru all in one package but that is exactly what Aurelia was. There was never ONE time when I didn’t receive a response to any of my concerns within a day. Aurelia didn’t give me fish, but she taught me how to fish for them”

– Kilo V. (Actor/Comedy writer)

“Working with Aurelia and CIK helped me to build confidence in my abilities as a dancer and artist and to see the potential in myself that others are taking notice of. I have worked for live music shows, performed internationally in dance and performed poetic theater since joining CIK. I am breaking into my potential and appreciate Aurelia for giving my the push I needed.”

– Candace T. (Personal Trainer, Choreographer)

“Confidence is K.E.E me ha ayudado a organizarme y priorizar mis ideas. Ha sido un cambio drastico en mi carrera para creer mucho mas en mi potencial y hacer que cada idea que piense, pueda ponerla en practica. CIK me ha ayudado a ser mas constante y diciplinada y ha sido una parte muy influyente en mi toma de decisiones.”

– Laura (Professional Dancer/Actor)

“CIK changed my life. It forced me to realize that no goal is unreachable or unfathomable. Being a part of CIK and having a close mentorship with Aurelia Michael helped me foster a meaningful journey full of reflection, self development, and positive energy. Not to mention I ended up producing my own talk show series, The Living Room, from the ground up. CIK is a community full of go getters – and if your heart is ready it can help you create your own lane and be the best you possible.”

– Nafi (Doctor, Program Producer)

“Being coached by Aurelia has helped me work on some of my toughest problems. I was terrible at prioritizing tasks and being organized. I’m so thankful that I met Aurelia when I did because she is the perfect person to run a program like C.I.K. She is very approachable, easy to talk to, and will make you do what has to be done to fulfill your dreams. The best part about the Confidence is K.E.E, is the fact that it’s not Aurelia’s vision of what you should do. Rather she talks to you to help you figure out your own vision and guides you in the right direction.”

– Markus J. (Professional Dancer)

“I started working with Aurelia when I was young (16) and she helped me discover who I was and who I wanted to become. I was fortunate to be her first client and it was an experience that I will carry with me forever. I have gained the confidence to develop my career and strive to be a business owner one day. As a dancer, Aurelia pushed me on what I needed to work on and the reality of the industry.”

– Annabella E. (Convention Founder/Owner)

“As a coach, Aurelia is a woman who can be excellent in her execution and patient with you when you’re not. As a friend, Aurelia is a woman who is generous and expects nothing. As a dancer, Aurelia is a no-nonsense, charismatic and silly organized and determined talent. As a woman of God, she declares her love and does not need you to do the same. She is a woman of many hats to me and to this world and balances them all like a magician and his spinning plates! Definitely an inspiration. ”

– Jojo Diggs (Founder of Diggs Deeper)

“Aurelia gave me the feeling that I had someone in my corner. Even though i am only a teenage, she has always guided me with honesty and maturity. She gave me the confidence to make decisions and knowledge to make the right ones. Confidence is K.E.E has changed my life and has given me the confidence to know my worth and remove people from my life who were only toxic to my journey.”

– Olivia R. (Dancer)

“Working with Aurelia has been a truly remarkable experience. My life was off track and I was lost but God used her and her gifts to put me back on the path I’m meant to be on. I can’t express to the world how truly beneficial she has been to me throughout the entire process and still to this very day. ”

– Steffahn M. (Performer/Choreographer)

“In the very short time I’ve been a CIK member, I have gained the courage to shed a layer of uncomfortable skin. I already feel like I’m growing into becoming the woman I’m supposed to be. Getting to know who I’m going to become is a challenging process but after so long, I finally feel like I’m going to get there. I’m so grateful for Aurelia’s words of encouragement to push me to my greatest potential.”

– Melissa G. (Graphic Designer/Dancer)

I’ve worked with Aurelia for a handful of years and from the moment I actually met her, she was so welcoming and had a huge heart. I also went through a rough patch with health issues, injuries and loss of a professional dance career and father etc. Aurelia helped me see the light through all that mess and was one of the reasons that brought me back to life without judgment. I could see hope again. She stuck with me when I was the lowest of lows and cheered me on during my victories; no matter how small. My life wouldn’t be as full without her in it and I am very grateful for our relationship. If you embark on a journey with Aurelia, you won’t regret it!

– Cody F.