Motivational Speaking

Together, our team and clients collaborate to create seminars and workshops geared toward the personal needs of a company, studio, team, office, or group. We want to ensure that our expertise, mixed with a client’s target needs, create an exciting and encouraging speaking engagement. Our seminars are lecture-styled events designed to leave it’s intended audience with more incite, self-reflection, and exploratory ideas. Our workshops are hands-on, interactive events designed to guide our intended audience toward bold action and change, creative intent, development of inner-leadership skills, and much more.

We are always excited to cover topics specific to your needs, or to tailor the information of our workshop topics to fit your desires. Below are several of our current Workshop Topics:

– Staying #SubmittedAndCommitted In A #BookedAndBlessed Society

– Thriving in Your Season (Planting, Watering, Waiting, Reaping)

– The Art of Presence, Image, and Branding

– 10 Things I Wish I Knew 10 Years Ago

– Getting Out Of  Your Own Way

– Be You: The World Needs It

– What Are You Waiting For?