Motivational Speaking

Together, our team and clients collaborate to create seminars and workshops geared toward the personal needs of a company, studio, team, office, or group. We want to ensure that our expertise, mixed with a client’s target needs, create an exciting and encouraging speaking engagement. Our seminars are lecture-styled events designed to leave it’s intended audience with more incite, self-reflection, and exploratory ideas. Our workshops are hands-on, interactive events designed to guide our intended audience toward bold action and change, creative intent, development of inner-leadership skills, and much more.

We are always excited to cover topics specific to your needs, or to tailor the information of our workshop topics to fit your desires. Below are several of our current Workshop Topics:

Find, Honor, and Project your P.O.W.E.R

(Passion Ownership Wealth Energy Reputation)

This interactive workshop is designed to open your eyes, ears, and mind to the amount of power we truly possess. Together, we will explore the significant weight of  our Passions, Ownerships, Wealth, Energy, and Reputations, and how, in combination, they can give us sustainable authority over our lives. Let’s dive in and discuss challenges like taking true responsibility for our actions, pushing beyond our perceived limits, and striving for authentic individualism in a society that often celebrates  meritocracy.

Reclaiming My Time (Or at least maximizing what you have left)

This workshop explores a concept too often ignored, wasted, and mis-distributed: TIME. How can we truly utilize the time we have? In what ways are we allowing time to pass us by? This interactive workshop will give you the tools to break down your life goals, the action steps it will take to achieve them, and then explore how you are using your current hours to bring them (or take them away) from fruition.  We will examine the age-old saying “Time is Money,” as well as the 2017 viral video quote “Reclaiming My Time.” This workshop will equip you with a plan to reclaim, maintain, and maximize your invaluable time.

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

In a social media-driven society, there is often a constant pull between keeping up with the Joneses and keeping up with life Expenses. How is it that an increase in wealth often brings an increase in expenses? Based on the classic Biggie Smalls quote “Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems,” we will dive into financial management and growth on a foundational level. This is not about “getting rich quick” or  figuring out “how to be a millionaire.” We will explore basic  concepts, trends, and habits that can lead us to building more Liabilities than Assets.