Life Coaching

Having a coach in my corner was one of the most valuable tools I stumbled upon. I was not easily convinced until someone said to me “Imagine working toward being a star athlete without a coach pushing you past your limits and firmly encouraging you all the way” That’s when I realized the significance of having a coach, and then the innate desire to become one myself!

I work with my clients not just as a coach; but as a teammate, cheerleader, and biggest fan. I am their accountability partner and support system. Whether it’s career, relationships, health, motivation, image, branding, or anything in-between, I am looking forward to working with you. I am available in-person if you are in New York City, or via virtual chat if you are out of the New York City area. Whether you need aid in motivational coaching, career creation, interview prep, time management, finances, or branding – we’ve got you covered.

We also include Image Consulting within our Life Coaching services. Our main concern is to help our clients project who they are on the inside to the outside world. This is projected through fashion, branding, media, and much more. We join our client on a custom-made journey towards the vision they have for themselves and the vision they want to flaunt to the world. We specialize in personal shopping, brand consulting, wardrobe evaluation, closet re-organization and more.