aurelia michael – founder

New York City-based artist and coach, Aurelia Michael has always possessed an undeniable passion to help others achieve their goals and maximize their strive for greatness.

As a Dual-Degree Graduate from The University of Maryland, and Image Consulting Certification from the Fashion Institute Of Technology, Aurelia combines her real world experience with learned scholastic techniques. This unique mix allows her to provide clients with an experience customized to their needs.

Since 2011, Aurelia has helped an array of individuals, ranging from pre-teens to seniors, by way of private coaching, group web chats, company seminars, and much more. Today, she has expanded her practice to motivational coaching, image consulting, strategic branding, and keynote speaking and workshops. Aurelia continues to be a living representation of her motto: “Confidence wakes one up every morning with a pursuit of purpose, a desire for growth, and a drive towards greatness..so let’s be great!”

confidence is k.e.e. – company

Established in 2011, Confidence Is. K.E.E is designed to guide individuals and workshop guests toward true recognition and ownership of self-worth, improvement of work/life balance, and timely achievement of desired goals.

K.E.E – Knowledge – Evaluation – Experimentation

Knowledge – Gathering information through self-reflection and outer-impression to gain a full understanding of who one is at the present moment.

Evaluation – Analyzing the gained information to access what are assets or liabilities in relation to one’s productivity and growth.

Experimentation – Stepping outside of one’s comfort zone to invoke change, manifest dreams, and accomplish goals.

Our biggest goal is to help each individual help themselves. We do not provide “quick fix” solutions. We create a partnership that develops sustainable and obtainable strategies for lifetime results. We want the everyday superstar to take on EVERY aspect of their lives with a clear and consistent plan that will guarantee their personal definition of success. We are dedicated to empowering the world’s everyday Superstar!