How Bad Do You Want It?

In a perfect world we’d get everything we want. In the real world, instead of getting everything we WANT we mostly get what we DO. So when thinking about some of your goals, dreams, and desires, think about the work ethic you are putting behind it.

Our generation is greatly lead by the World Wide Web, which gets faster and faster and makes our patience get slower and slower. We expect things to come easily, and when they don’t happen that way we either think (a) we don’t deserve it (b) it’s not meant for us or (c) it’s never going to happen. But none of this may be true. We just have to be willing to put in the hours and work to get what we desire.

Ask yourself these questions when a goal feels unobtainable:

1) What are the specifics of my goal?
2) Why do I want this goal to be accomplished?
3) What has been stopping me from reaching the goal?
4) How long am I willing to devote to its completion?

Within these answers you will may find that either your goals have been too broad, your goal is for some type of external gain or the opinion of others, or you are willing to give up too easy. So backtrack to the initial goal and try the following:

1) Contact a friend or mentor and present the goal. Get there opinions and ideas.
2) Create weekly and/or monthly milestones so you can see tangible improvement.
3) Make sure you are taking one major goal at a time. Focus on completion and not overly multitasking.

If you want something that bad you must be willing to invest the time into getting it – even if you can’t see immediate results. Anything worth having – and sustaining – is worth working for. So remember, you may not get what you Want but you definitely will get what you DO.

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