Confidence is Key

Confidence will wake you up every morning with a pursuit of purpose, a reason for growth, and an opportunity for greatness. It is the core motivator for the things you say and do, places you go, people you interact with, and what you will and won’t spend your time on. Without confidence it’s a daily challenge of doggie paddling through life seeking validation, confirmation, and approval for actions and desires. While I cannot say that seeking stable and long lasting confidence is easy, I will say that the work involved to obtain it is worth it. How much you believe (or don’t believe) in yourself will radiate off of you and others will treat you in the same manner you treat yourself. The ultimate confidence in self is to completely believe in your abilities, talents, individualized gifts, and even places for improvement when others around you don’t. Truly believing that there is a calling on your life, and in the interim of finding that calling all you surround yourself with and all that you emulate and pour out are a parallel reflection of greatness and progress.

So where to begin in seeking confidence? Because we are all wired differently, there is no one place to start that is a guaranteed way to reach the level of confidence you desire. However, below are three ways I believe anyone can utilize regardless of your confidence level that will enhance how you view yourself and how you want the world to view you.

#1 Airport scan:
Ever been to the airport and the detector goes off and they have to do a full body scan? Well that is what we sometimes have to do with ourselves. With this we have to do an internal scan and ask ourselves these questions

a) what am I constantly thinking about?
b) are my thoughts supporting or being counter productive to what I desire?
c) what can I feed my mind with (books, magazines, sermons, motivational seminars) that will help me increase confidence in myself?

a) what am I feeding my body with?
b) are the foods and beverages I intake daily sustaining or deteriorating my temple?
c) what new ways of eating, recipes, and fasts can I do to increase the strength and stability of my body?

a) how am I spending my mornings?
b) are my daily practices (if any) making me spiritually rich or worldly poor?
c) what can I intake (bible reading, spiritual cards, devotionals) to get my soul right and find truths about me to love and honor?

You may have been looking for some Get-Right-Quick answers but confidence seeking takes WORK. So take your time with this and please connect with us and let us know your results!

Be Blessed,


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