Who’s Your Tribe?

We are the average of the 5 people we surround ourselves with. We have heard this time and time again right? But have we actually done the work. List out the 5 people you spend most of your time interacting with. Now on a scale of 1 – 10 rate – on average – how much they are a benefit to your life, push you in a forward direction, and are achieving the same – if not more- goals as you. Now divide that by 5. How did that work out for you?

If your average is below 7 this could mean several things, but here are three for today:

  1. The people in your life are close to you for all the WRONG reasons.
    Ever wanted to be the happiest you could, yet you hang out with someone who speaks negativity like they could recite the alphabet? Or you wanted to really increase the financial stability in your life, yet everyone you are around are broke and unmotivated?

    Create a Pros/Cons list for the top five people in your life. Be honest about what they are truly contributing to your daily success. If they are infecting you like processed food and microwaves – RUN! You can still love them – but love them from a distance

  2. You suffer from the common disease known as OPS – Olivia Pope Syndrome
    As much as our superman/woman mindsets would like to believe – we cannot FIX everyone! Are you the person that people come to with ALL their problems? Do you go out of your way, often inconveniencing your life, to help someone out on a consistent basis? Do you put more energy into the advancement of another person’s career, love life, financial state, and health that you do your own?

    This is called the Olivia Pope Syndrome. But it is curable! It simply takes doses of My Happiness Comes First pills, I Need To Be Mutually Fed With The Same Support I Give soup, and – my favorite – Stop Calling Me To Tell You What You Already Know vapor rub.

    You want people in your circle who are looking to get to where you are AS WELL AS people who you want to be more like. You need mentors in your life that are going to push you beyond your limits, not just commend you for the greatness you are doing in others lives.

  3. You are a below 7 friend yourself
    I may lose a few friends and followers for this one – but not any below a 7 so I’m ok with that! One of the biggst issues may be that you are the part of the circle that isn’t pushing hard enough to where you all can be. You are not setting the example for others to follow and expecting those around you to carry the weight.

Life is all about the Law of Attraction. If you are attracting Mediocre people you may very well be acting and living upon Mediocrity. How can you be the best you and empower your circle to all be 10s? As oppose to looking for the hand out, the short cut, or the easy route, work hard and earn everything your heart can possibly desire. These actions will bring the right people and connections into your life.

Let’s all be 10s!!!

Til Next Time…

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